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Who is this KINGSTAR ?

For 3 decades a brand has been building into a household name: Today when we walk into an apparel production factory floor and see our first-off produced machines, still sewing some 100 million stitches later, that reminds us of why a brand is ‘a promise made; and a promise kept’. We keep working with our USA registered trademark, since 1990, at our Californian based R&D group so that new and best products are continuously been developed. So it’s not just the flick-hood and silicon valley that was born their; a sewing Star and a legendary King in machinery that was also developed and researched through the decades to produce a sewing partner on your factory floor.

A Star that has been growing and developing, with almost 30 years of momentum and expertise, these are the hallmarks of a King, this wonder that has a household name in the industrial sewing machine in clothing factoring, and all other textiles, and allied industries, all over the African sub-continent, this Star, this King is.....



The Kingstar industrial range of machinery now covers and includes a full range of industrial lockstitch, chainstitch, over edge & overlockers, interlock & coverseams and fixed cycle sewing machines, as well as a range of allied equipment to all apparel, clothing, linen, and textile industries, as well as the furniture, bedding and mattress manufacturer, and also upholstery, motor trimming, leisure and tarpaulin industries, and for the footwear and outdoor gear manufactures. Kingstar models range from the base model of sewing machines, to fully automatic modular work stations for high volume production centers. The Kingstar range covers all aspects and processing from fabric preparation, cutting, product and garment assembly, pressing & finishing, and labeling, inspection and packaging. Kingstar offers machinery to the embroidery, knitting, quilting, fabric printing and industrial washing industries. We also offer a complete domestic range of sewing and pressing machinery.

World Class Solutions

Aligning ourselves with latest technology, artificial intelligence, the forth industrial revolution, and with computer-aided-design systems, as well as maintaining the best of our American based R&D center, and also staying abreast of our Chinese procurement, manufacturing, quality and cost control centers: AI, 4IR and CAD systems, equals our smart sewing solutions, and makes our world class products affordable, efficient, user friendly, so that you, our most valuable asset - can just simply plug-and-play when purchasing our user friendly Kingstar products.

Product range

The complete KingStar industrial range of machinery, includes: preparation and cutting; assembly and sewing; finishing and packing.
•Preparation and cutting includes – measuring, inspection, baling and relaxing. KingStar cutting equipment is available in laser or blade cutting, both by hand or CAD cutting. Cutting tables are available in basic cutting tables, air floatation tables, pinning tables and laser beam positioning. Clicking press and round knife cutting machines are also available.
•Sewing and assembly includes – KingStar premium C-, E-, & S-type lockstitch, chain stitch, fixed cycle machines, as well as auto work stations and template sewing
•Finishing and packing includes – ironing, pressing, steaming, tunnelling, KingStar conveyor, scanning, packing and sealing
Finishing and packing includes – ironing, pressing, steaming, tunnelling, KingStar conveyor, scanning, packing and sealing equipment KingStar premium C, E, & S-type covers a complete range from base models, to efficiencies, and automatic work stations.
C-type models covers all:- Classic base model machines.
E-type models covers all:- Efficient model machines including electricity and air efficiencies.
S-type models covers all:- Superior automatic and modular workstations.


Where two worlds meet, the East and West, is in the middle of it all – we call it home: AFRICA.

Distributors of Kingstar can be found all over in sub-Saharan Africa. If you are in Nigeria in the west, to Ethiopia in the east; and the DRC in the north, across Zimbabwe and down to South Africa in the south; we have covered your corner of the world, by developing strong solid network and dealership in every capital city or major city center near you. Visit our distribution link and we will guide you to your Local Kingstar Distributor of industrial and domestic sewing machinery, as well as embroidery, knitting and all allied equipment to the sewing industry, these Kingstar distributors are waiting to offer you their service excellence.
KingStar, A Stitch above the Best ...

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