High speed Direct drive
lockstitch machine

Function: Direct drive,up and down needle position, Half stitch, Adjustable LED light.
Usage: widely used for sewing thin, medium and thick fabrics, mesh, shirts, suits, down, jackets, jeans, etc.

Stitch Sample

Sew thin to thick, superior performance Suitable for mesh to jeans, easy sewing, beautiful stitch.

Patented stitch feed dial

Patented stitch length adjustment locking technology prevents stitch length from larger or smaller during sewing

Light hand wheel design

Aluminum hand wheel, large air volume, low noise, fast drive motor cooling, facilitate the electrical control box fast heat dissipation, ensure high quality operation.

Built-in fault code

integrated computer built-in fault code, and its own lock screen function, simple operation, convenient after-sales service

Humanized design

Humanized design Half stitch,Adjustable LED light making operation more convenient and comfortable.

Automatic thread winding

Automatic thread winding, no manual winding, save time and effort.

Model Needle Size Usage Gauge Set Press foot HOOK Speed Power Voltage Frequency G.W/N.W Meas.
H1-Q DB*1 11--18# Thin,Medium,Thick 5 5.5~13 M Horizontal 5000 550 220 50 40/34 650*250*54
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