Mute Multi function computer
sewing machine

(Double knife,less bird nest)

Function: Auto Trimmer, Auto reverse, Auto foot lifter, electronic clip, electronic thread loose,pattern sewing, Micro-stitch reinforcement, up and down needle position, fixed length stitching, Adjustable LED light, Half stitch,Speak function, USB interface.
Usage: widely used for sewing thin, medium and thick fabrics, shirts, suits, down, jackets, jeans, etc.
Electronic needle distance adjustment is used to abandon the traditional needle distance dial adjustment method, and stepper motor is used to realize the digital visual operation of the screen, with the minimum accuracy up to 0.1mm, which is more accurate, intuitive and convenient.

Reinforcing stitch consistent

Ensure stable feeding needle spacing, and achieve perfect coincidence of needle stitches regardless of the size of needle spacing in reinforcing stitch.

Micro-stitch distance knot

Micro-stitch distance knot, no reinforcement seam can be used to ensure the two ends of the stitch "do not loose"

Pattern Sewing

The stitch adjustment is controlled by the stepper motor, soft input with nine kinds of pattern stitch. You can program more patterns by yourself.

Thread trimmer super-quiet,lift pressure foot super-quiet

Stepping motor two-way drive technology(proprietary technology),one motor completes the trimmer and lifting foot action,make the trimmer more accurate,can be appropriate to adjust the pressure foot height,compared with the electromagnet sound lower than 21 db,and maintain the pressure foot longer.

Reinforcement super-quiet lift

The reinforcement is ultra-quiet, canceling the relevant mechanical devices, the sound of reinforcement joints is lighter, greatly reducing the degree of artificial fatigue.

Reinforcement Super Quiet Lift

Canceling the relevant mechanical devices, the sound of reinforcement joints is lighter, greatly reducing the degree of artificial fatigue.

Micro stitch needle reinforcement mode

One-key anti-nest, no thread breaking,start with micro stitch needle reinforcement mode , so that the nest significantly less, to achieve sewing quality without manual treatment.

Short thread end

Double knife setting, shorter cutting end, the length of thread end left on the cloth after cutting is less than 3mm,the face line is less than 3CM. greatly reducing the bird's nest, and more beautiful stitching.

One key reset factory parameters

Free set one button reset factory parameters, to meet the requirements of various sewing processes, no worry about the wrong operation.

Clean Sewing

Realized the clean sewing,sealed the oil box structure, and avoided the sewing pollution caused by oil stains.

Back mounted control box

Back Mounted box concept,do not take up space, easy to use.

Model Needle Size Usage Gauge Set Press foot HOOK Stitch length control Foot lifter Trimmer Speed Power Voltage frequency G.W/N.W Meas.
H6-5S2 DB*1 11--18# Thin,Medium,Thick 5 5.5~13 M Horizontal Stepping motor Maganet Maganet 5000 550 220V 50/60 45/38 650*250*540
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