Super high speed computer overlock machine


Functions: Auto trimmer, Auto foot lifter, Up and down needle position, Speak function, USB interface, LED light.
Optional: suction device (air pneumatic/electric)

High Efficiency

High efficiency and high income, Use direct drive servo motor, the rapid start of the machine,accuracy up and down needle position.

Can Speak

Voice navigation is easy to use.Automatic broadcast fault and solution, quick and easy to use.

Multifunction Mode

application range, automatic, semi-automatic and intelligent mode, more convenient to operate, improving work efficiency and increasing production capacity.

Built-in mesh sewing mode

Mesh fabric easy sewing, open mesh mode, can sew 5mm mesh, no wrinkle, no cutting.

Short thread end

Short thread end,Back eye and the cutting knife same level, the cutting head is more shorter, and avoid the occurrence of cloth cutting phenomenon, the cutting head is controlled within 3mm.

Durable, stable and reliable

The machine body adopts Japanese technology automatic casting and automatic processing center processing, higher precision, imported parts, durable, long life.

One key to adapt to the external environment function

When the fabric is changed, it can be recognized automatically, without entering the internal parameters for adjustment. Thin material, medium thick material and thick material are set with one key, and the light sensitivity is high.

Safety Sewing

The press foot arm and seam table are equipped with safety switches, which can protect when the press foot is removed or the seam table is opened.

LED Light & USB Interface

LED light and USB interface making operation more convenient and comfortable

Optional suction,clean sewing

Front and rear suction, front suction rag, back suction thread end, waste recycling to waste bag, clean and environmental friendly. Optional pneumatic suction and electric suction.

Light hand wheel design

Aluminum hand wheel, large air volume, low noise, fast drive motor cooling, facilitate the electrical control box fast heat dissipation, ensure high quality operation.

Model Needle Size Needle Thread Gauge Overage Wideth Stitch Length Press Foot Differential Ratio Speed Power Voltage Frequency G.W/N.W Meas.
D9-3/E DC*27 14# 1 3 / 4 4 5 0.7-2.0 7500 550 220 50-60 41/34 525x360x510
D9-4/E DC*27 11# 2 4 2 2*4 4 5.5 0.7-2.0 7500 550 220 50-60 41/34 525x360x510
D9-5/E DC*27 14# 2 5 3 3*4 3.8 5.5 0.7-2.0 6500 550 220 50-60 41/34 525x360x510
D9-5H/E DC*27 18# 2 5 5 5*6 5 7 0.7-2.0 6000 550 220 50-60 41/34 525x360x510
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